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I work as a web developer, making all kinds of interesting things for a variety of purposes and people. On any given day I might create custom page layouts, manage WordPress instances, and administer SharePoint sites. Creating content for BrightSign (TV) displays is also a part of my repertoire.

Knowing how to work with people is a fundamental skill in modern web development. I work hard to understand those who use the tools I build, their needs, and what perks up their interest. It takes digging and discussion along with lots of empathy in order to write effective requirements for a project. I enjoy guiding the discovery process and participating in demos and post-mortems. I earned my PMI-ACP certification in February of 2023.

I consider myself a full-stack developer. I delight in playing with CSS and getting mundane HTML elements to do interesting and bizarre things. I have experience with various forms of SQL and backend languages like PHP and C#. And of course there's Javascript, which is everywhere doing everything these days.


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